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Membrane system feed flush

FLUSHING RO SYSTEM During flush, pump is off. Feed water is around 60 psi, permeate divert solenoid valve is closed, but diverted permeate pressure that is around 30 psi (less than inlet pressure) cannot enter in feed flush because inlet water pressure is too high. So permeate in note recycled. During production, when diverted permeate ... Read More »

Membrane system -simulation 3-4040

Case-specific: Membranes LE-4040 5000 GPD With recycle and 75% recovery   Feed Flow to Stage 1 7.63 gpm Raw Water Flow to System 4.63 gpm Feed Pressure 105.55 psig Flow Factor 0.85 Chem. Dose (100% H2SO4) 0.00 Total Active Area 282.00 ft² Water Classification: Well Water SDI < 3 Pass 1 Permeate Flow 3.47 gpm ... Read More »

Low Energy Membranes

Very good article of Bill Loyd in Watertechonline Taking advantage of low pressure membranes in commercial systems Note that AXEON Water Technologies has developped an extra low Energy RO membranes that are supposed to operate at pressure of 80 psi. I haven’t tried them yet, but this is an interesting innovation. Info here. These types ... Read More »

Performances of some Filmtec membranes

NOTES FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES AND PERSONAL  Performance of some FILMTEC membranes SW30HR BW30 XLE NF270 Feed pressure (psi) 370 150 70 50 Feed pressure (bar) 25 10 5 3.5 Rejection (%) Sodium chloride NaCl 99.7 99.4 98.6 80 Calcium chloride CaCl2 99.8 99.4 98.8 50 Magnesium sulfate MgSO4 99.9 99.7 99.2 99.3   At 18 ... Read More »

RO System Energy Consumption

Reverse Osmosis system electricity consumption Electricity consumption depends on raw water quality (individual ions concentration), Reverse osmosis system design (system recovery rate, number of stages, type of membranes, etc.) and operating conditions (water temperature). You can use Reverse osmosis design simulator to estimate electricity consumption. It is not an accurate result but will give you ... Read More »

Membrane systems equipments material

Tubing: PVC 80 / stainless steel 304 et 316 / Polypropylene Pumps: stainless steel 304 et 306 /Noryl /Brass Manual valves: stainless steel 304 et 316 / PVC 80 / Epoxy PID valves: stainless steel 304 Selenoïdes valves: stainless steel 304 et 316 / Brass / PVC Pressure sensors: stainless steel 304 / 306 Flowmeters sensors : Polyfluoroethylene (PTFE) / ... Read More »

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