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Reflector 2

Reflector is a wireless mirroring and streaming receiver that allows you to connect almost any combination of devices to your computer at the same time Here is the link Reflector 2 Read More »

Mockup and Wireframe

Rebloged from Yisela What is the difference between wireframes and mockups? A wireframe is about functionality. It can be a really simple sketch that demonstrates what sort of things you can do in your design. For example, a wireframe of a website will show the navigation, the main buttons, the columns, the placing of different ... Read More »

Second App name

Image and sound App

APPLICATION TO COMBINE IMAGE TEXT AND SOUND I was thinking about a photo application in which you can take a photos, register a sound or music ans use it in the app, share it with friends that use the same App and download and save them on the computer. I am not sure if he ... Read More »

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