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Information concernant l’ordinateur et l’informatique. Trucs et astuces pris ailleurs ou définis personnellement

PostgreSQL Database in Xampp

Xampp postgreSQL How to Integrate postgreSQL Database to XAMPP in Windows Installing postgreSQL 1. Download the postgreSQL installer from EnterpriseDB. 2. Run the installer and follow the on-screen instruction. Note: pgAdmin also get installed alongside. 3. Assuming XAMPP is located in C:\xampp; using the pgSQL installer, install postgreSQL in say C:\xampp\pgsql\9.1 folder. In my case, ... Read More »

Pluging – Flickr photo display

Flickr Justified Gallery is a wonderful plugin that displays Flickr pictures. Many plugins can display Flickr gallery, but few can display Flickr albums and sets based on images tags. That’s what Flickr Justified Gallery does You need to install it and set it up. For setting it-up that you need your flickr Flickr API Key ... Read More »

Add php page to wordpress

Source: Adam Hopkinson You don’t need to interact with the API, or use a plugin. First, duplicate post.php or page.php in your theme folder (under /wp-content/themes/themename/). Rename the new file as templatename.php (where templatename is what you want to call your new template!). Enter the following <!–?php /* Template Name: templatename */ ?–> at the ... Read More »



A free open source database management software a WYSIWYG soft heps beginner and learners to visualize databases and their structures a operate easily many types on database manipulations. Is is a multilanguage software. link 1: mywebsql Link 2 sur Github: mywebsql Read More »

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