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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Xampp on Mac – Set root password

SETTING PASSWORDS FOR XAMPP ON MAC I set the password for : Xampp/phpMyadmin MySQL root FTP daemon Refering to the thread here To secure Xampp, launch Terminal in Applications/Utilities and run: sudo /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/xampp security You’ll be asked if you want to set a password for phpMyadmin, for MySQL, for FTP, etc. It went quiet smooth. Read More »

Xampp on Mac – MySQL server can’t start

START MYSQL SERVER FOR XAMPP ON MAC COMPUTER I have installed Xampp on my Mac, I can run Apache Web server and ProFTPD, but MySQL Database can’t start. Here is what I did to Start and run MySQL server for Xampp. 1- Click on start button and choose System Preferences 2- Find the icon MySQL ... Read More »

Xampp – CD Collection

XAMPP – CD COLLECTION It is a php application that comes enbedded in Xamp. It was working great, but when I set root acess password on Xampp, I coudn’t run it anymore. The access was denied. Here is what to do to activate CD collection access 1- Go to your files Xampp directory on your ... Read More »

Xampp – Associate a password to root

XAMPP MYSQL DATABASE ACCESS When installing Xampp on my windows computer, I kept the root password empty. That is what was suggested. But it is unsecure to keep it like that Anyone will have access to Xamp and MySQL database. I decided then to secure my my Xamp and MySQL database by creating a password ... Read More »

DotProject – Project Management Software

(Français) DotProject est un logiciel Open Source de gestion de projet. Il s'agit donc d'un logiciel gratuit permettant à un groupe d'individus de travailler sur un projet, qu'ils soient physiquement au même endroit ou à distance. C'est un logiciel qui s’installe facilement sur le réseau Internet et présente une belle interface web. Avec des accès, les différents collaborateur peuvent se connecter pour échanger, collaborer et suivre l'avancement du projet. Les différentes fonctionnalités sont les suivantes: Read More »

My WordPress Tools

Here are my best WordPress tools: THEMES: Megashop PLUGINS: PAGE BUILDER : Page Builder by SiteOrigin 2.2.1 – LINK TRANSLATION: Qtranslate CALENDAR: DpCalendar – LINK IMAGE SLIDER: Smart Sliders2 – LINK TOOLTIPS : Simple Tooltips – Link Read More »

How to chat on facebook with Messages (MAC OSX)

How to chat as we used to do years ago on IRC, ICQ, etc. The Application used on mac is Messenger that has replaced iChat. 1. Open “Messenger” 2. Choose: Menu: “Preferences” then choose Tab: “Accounts” 3. Click: Add”(+)” and setup below Account Type: Jabber Account Name: [Your_Facebook_Username] You’ll find your username on openin your ... Read More »

Removing image background with Apercu

1. Your Image. 2. “Select” -> Choose “Instant Alpha” 3. Just drag on the place that you want to cut. And then press “delete” button. 4. After That, Save as PNG, PDF, TIFF or GIF file. Don’t forget to check “Alpha” 5. Done! : ) Note: This option also can use via Keynote from iWork. Read More »

Control OSX starup Applications

Here are the steps to display all Applications that are launch at the start-up of OSX 1- Go to Preferences System 2- Select “Users & Groups” 3- Click “Login Items” You will then see all startup items. Click on which one you want to remove and click on “-” to remove that Application one startup. ... Read More »

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